Message of the Minister of Higher Education of Sri Lanka Hon. S. B. Dissanayaka


 I find the proposal to set up the Nagananda International Buddhist University at Manelwatta Kelaniya Sri Lanka as a need of the day. A centre of scholastic excellence that brings Mahayana, Therawada and Vajrayana traditions under one roof will be an initiative of immense value. In time to come the Nagananda University at Manelwatta will, reach the standings of a modern day Nalanda or Thaxila.

 Buddhism as a philosophy is undoubtedly the greatest accomplishment of human thought. When Sri Lanka received Buddhism during the reign of Emperor Ashoka it also became the first country and the first nation to adopt its teachings as the basis of its socio political conduct. Buddhism thus became the National Religion of Sri Lanka, when it was introduced in the 3rd century B.C.

 In India however Buddhism coexisted with several other religions. It explains how Sri Lanka became the treasury in which Therevada Buddhism was preserved while it gradually became near extinct in India the land of the Buddha.

 However today Buddhism is rediscovered in India as well as in some other countries of the west. It is the historical responsibility of Sri Lanka to promote this Global Buddhist resurgence. I see the Nagananda International Buddhist University at Manelwatta Kelaniya started by the Most Venerable Master Chin Kung, founder of the Pureland College of Buddhism in Australia which is to be Introduced to Sri Lanka by Veneralble Dr.Bodagama Chandima Nayake Thera as a major ontribution to that process.

 As Minister of Higher Education it Is my fervent hope that this University will be a beacon that will help future studies and research In Buddhism both as a doctrine and an applied science of human behaviour.

Hon. S. B. Dissanayaka