Message from Aggamahapanditha Most Ven. Napana Pemasiri Mahanayake Thero of the Sri Lanka Ramañña Maha Nikaya

 The concept of the Nãgãnanda International Buddhist University at Manelwatta Sri Lanka holds great promise for the future of Buddhist learning. It is also a great opportunity to promote greater cooperation amongst Buddhists of the world and the countries that follow the path shown by the Buddha.

 Buddha the peerless teacher discovered the nature of reality 2600 years ago. He explained the use and abuse of power. He found that wisdom and compassion are the essentials for human wellbeing. These fundamentals have the same universal validity as it did at the time he showed us the path in the deer park of Saranath in the Gangetic plains of India.

 The proposed Nãgãnanda International University at Manelwatta in our opinion, has all the potential to be a centre of excellence in the inquiry of Buddhist traditions that will cover Mahayana, Theravada and Tantric schools. The magnanimity of the Most Venerable Master Chin Kung the founder of Pureland College of Australia in assisting this noble endeavor is greatly appreciated.

 The Buddhist meditative approach to higher learning will lead us to realize how our preconceptions hinder our progress.

 The proposed Nãgãnanda International Buddhist Undiversity at Manelwatta will radiate the wisdom we require to develop our attention skills, to avoid aggressive thought and actions.

Ven. Napana Pemasiri Mahanayake