Message from Most Ven. Udugama Saddarma Keerthi Sri Dhammadassi Rathnapla Buddarakkith Mahanayake Thero of Shyampali Maha Nikaya Asgiri Chapter of Sri Lanka


  It gives us great pleasure to extend our unreserved endorsement of the proposed Nãgãnanda Buddhist University at Manelwatte Kelaniya initiated by the most Venerable Master Chin Kung Founder of the Pure land College Australia.

 The Maha Sangha of Sri Lanka has always pioneered education in this land. The child in early Sri Lanka learnt the alphabet under the shade of the sacred Bo tree. The child learnt to write on the white sand under the benign watch of the village monk.

 This tradition is as old as our nation. The Buddhist monk also offered guidance in the Social, Economic and Political spheres of the country. The history of Sri Lanka is replete with instances of the Maha Sangha being consulted by our ancient kings before taking crucial decisions in governance. The monastic education was an integral part of the Sinhala Buddhist tradition.

 The proposed Nãgãnanda International Buddhist University of Manelwatta is but only a natural extension of that great tradition. It is also logical that in this day and age Sri Lanka makes an earnest effort to draw Buddhist scholars and students from other parts of the world particularly from Asia. We have no doubt that the proposed Nãgãnanda International Buddhist University will be a magnet that will attract scholars of great repute to interpret the teachings of the Buddha in terms of modern advances in the sciences.

Ven. Keerthi Sri Dhammadassi Rathnapla